Upwards Extensions – Houses

Upwards Extensions – Houses

A new PD right which has been in effect from end of August which enable homeowners to create new living space above...

A new PD right which has been in effect from end of August which enable homeowners to create new living space above their properties. The purpose is to provide more space for growing families, or to accommodate elderly relatives, without having to move to a new house.

This new right is permanent and allow existing houses which are detached, semi-detached or in a terrace to be extended upwards to provide additional living space by constructing additional storeys. This will only apply to houses built since 1st July 1948 but not those since 28th October 2018. It allows the construction of up to two additional storeys on the topmost storey of a dwellinghouse which consists of two or more storeys or one additional storey, where the existing dwellinghouse consists of one storey.

Restrictions apply and existing accommodation in the roof space of the existing house, including a loft extension, is not considered as a storey for the purposes of this right. The right does not apply in Conservation Areas, National Parks and the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, or sites of special scientific interest.

As with existing permitted development rights to extend or alter houses the external appearance of the materials used in the construction of the additional storeys must be of similar appearance to that of the existing house. Before the beginning of development, developers must apply to the Local Authority for prior approval as to the impact on the amenity of neighbouring premises, including overlooking, privacy and overshadowing; the external appearance, including the design and architectural features of the principal elevation of the house, and of any side elevation which fronts a highway; and the impacts a taller building may have on air traffic and defence assets and on protected vistas in London.

Given the potential impact on neighbours during the construction of the additional storeys and any engineering works to strengthen the building, the developers must prepare a report setting out the proposed hours of operation and how they intend to minimise any adverse impacts of noise, dust, vibration and traffic movements during the building works on occupiers of the building and neighbouring premises before commencing works under these rights.

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