Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes

Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes

UPDATE: Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced the permitted development rights for pubs, restaurants, or...

If you are an owner of a pub, restaurant or café, it is important to remember permitted development regulations have been relaxed for 12 months in order for such uses (Class A3 and A4) to operate temporarily as hot food takeaway outlets without needing planning permission for a change of use. 

You must notify the Local Planning Authority if you are intending to change the use of your premises to a temporary use for the “provision of takeaway food” during the 1 year period from 24/03/2020 to 23/03/2021. At the end of the temporary period those businesses will be required to revert to their original lawful uses. We can assist with this process.
In addition, where planning permission was previously required to place furniture on the public highway, this is currently no longer required:

  • Where a pavement license has first been obtained from the Council; and
  • for the duration the pavement license is in force.

This is a temporary measure introduced by the government with licenses not being valid beyond 30/09/21. For more information you can contact your Local Council’s Licencing Team.