Update - Residential Park Homes

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03/07/2020 - Latest News

Following Swale Borough Council's approval of their new Interim Planning Policy for Residential Park Homes we can confirm that we received our first instruction to prepare a planning application for a Residential Park.

Watch this space!!

UPDATE (02/11/2020):

Our first Residential Park Homes application has been submitted following the new Interim Planning Policy adopted by Swale Borough Council.

The criteria set out in the interim policy implies that proposals for residential park homes in areas at high risk of flooding (Flood Zone 3) may be accepted if they can be designed to be safe from flooding.

We instructed Ambiental to carry out a Flood Risk Assessment which concluded the residential park home development is suitable assuming appropriate mitigation (including adequate warning procedures) can be maintained for the lifetime of the development. Ambiental also carried out a Sequential Test and assessed a total of 310 sites. The test concluded there are no reasonable alternative sites available that meet the conditions set out for the proposed development.