Changes to appeal measures

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31/01/2022 - Latest News

Housing minister Christopher Pincher has written to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS), outlining new measures for appeals.

These are summarised below:
  • an expectation that measures are put in place through the new digital services to prevent invalid appeals being made and that appeals are increasingly submitted “right first time”.
  • measuring decision timeliness from valid receipt of an appeal through to decision
  • an expectation that average times (*) for decisions will be reduced, as well as reducing the range of time within which decisions are made.
  • moving progressively towards all cases across all appeal types being decided within these ranges:
         – wholly written representations: 16-20 weeks.
         – partly or wholly by hearing: 24-26 weeks.
         – partly or wholly by inquiry: 24-26 weeks (reflecting the previous Rosewell target).
         – publishing the number of cases we have quality assured.

Those measures that won’t be used moving forward are:
  • The range of different target times for different appeal types: eight, 14, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 33 or 43 weeks depending on the appeal type.
  • The target of fewer than 1 per cent of decisions being the subject of successful legal challenge.
  • Targets based on the ‘start’ date (which is not at the ‘start’ of the customer experience of PINS services).

Note: The statutory time frames for national infrastructure applications (NSIPs) and the target for local plans remain the same. However, they may change when current proposals for wider reforms are finalised.

*The average time to decide written representations cases currently varies between 20 and 30 weeks, with some determined as quickly as eight weeks but some taking more than a year.